Leaflet distribution in Cornwall Event promotion in Devon and Cornwall Street flyering in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset

How We Work

Simply contact one of our offices and tell us what you need. We will then work closely with you and build a plan that will attract the hundreds of thousands of visitors that use our stands every year.

Our Bespoke Distribution Service

Every attraction, business or event has a different and specific target audience, we will define and target that audience using tried and tested methods. We have around 8,000 sites in Devon and Cornwall and the amount of leaflets you will need will depend on what you have to offer, what your location is and what budget you have to play with.

The process then moves on to design and printing using our skilled graphic design team and high quality printers.

Once we have received the leaflets they will be ready to go out into our stands. They are tailor-made to fit any space in any establishment and we constantly highlight the aesthetics and functionality of these units. As these are our shop window they are checked and maintained regularly to keep them topped up and looking shipshape.

Distribution Campaigns in Your Area

Our distribution team is split into areas and each of our representatives manage and maintain that area. Over the years our reps have built up relationships with the establishments that we deliver to and really know what goes well and from where. When it all boils down to it they are one of the most important parts of the distribution process and our guys really do know their stuff.

We have a comprehensive data base that can be used in many different ways, one of which is to give you detailed analysis at the end of the season or as an interim report so that you can check progress part way through. This will include a breakdown of where your leaflets have been displayed throughout the season and analysis on what type of places they have gone to. This will give you an overview and will help to build plans for future distribution.

We are always here to help and have plenty of free advice to get you started.

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Our Clients